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(1) SET ASIDE TIME: Each FOUNDATIONAL KEY is approximately 25 minutes long. Set aside time when you are least likely to be disturbed and you can LOOK, LISTEN and ABSORB the contents of each KEY.

(2) PRINT PDF EXERCISES(S): When you log in to each KEY module below, you will find your "Downloads." You may want to download and print a copy of the PDF Exercises for each KEY to have them handy when you're listening.

(3) FOUNDATIONAL KEY VIDEOS: There are 6 videos in this program (Foundational KEY 3 has two parts). Listen at your own pace; in the time frame that makes sense for you. We’re going to build on each KEY so listen in sequential order. My suggestion is one video per week.

(4) EXERCISES AND DIAGNOSTIC TESTS: After listening to each KEY start with anything called “test”. Next, implement each of the exercises. These can be done one at a time or all at once.

(5) COMMUNITY: In Facebook search for the “Organic Sleepers” Group . Although you can find our group with a Facebook search, since this is a closed group no one who is not a member of the group will be able to see your posts or commentary. Once you find the group, send me a request to join and I will add you to our community.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

  • Q.How much time will this take?

    A.This is a self-paced program so you set the pace. Each video lesson is approximately 20 minutes. Each lesson is packed with lots of leading edge science, inspirational guidance and step-by-step instructions. There is no one right way to do this program.

  • Q.How long will it take to work?

    A.Everyone is different. While some people experience immediate results; some people take longer. Each of us comes to this program with a unique history, unique body and a unique story. You may notice as you continue to apply these FOUNDATIONAL KEYS that your sleep, health and well-being continues to improve over time.

  • Q.What if I take medication to sleep now?

    A.If you currently take medication to sleep you can use this program to wean yourself off. Please consult with your medical provider first.

  • Q.What if I have questions as I go along?

    A.When you sign up for this program you gain exclusive membership in a welcoming online Facebook community. Here you can get your questions answered, learn from other members and share your own experiences with others.

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