Get 8 Hours of Beauty Sleep a Night

-Without Drugs or Supplements-

and Get Healthy Again

in Just 60 Days

In my Complete Guide to


1-Reconnect with the things in nature your body needs for deep sleep

2-Give your body the exact information it needs for quality sleep, and avoid mistakenly giving it the wrong information that keeps you up at night

3-Use the proper timing of food to promote restorative sleep, and an active metabolism

4-Expertly test your environment for hidden sleep and health disruptors, and how you can eliminate them

5-Quiet your anxious mind, reduce stress, and cultivate internal silence before bed

6-Rediscover joy and happiness

-All in 60 Days-

This Program is Backed by Over 5 Years of My Personal Scientific Research and Personal Proven Results

Has anyone every told you that sleep-deprivation is:

"Just what happens to you as you age" or 

"An unavoidable result of aging?"

Repeat After Me!

"This is a Myth, a Folk Talk, an Untruth!"


I Know . . . I have been there . . .

Not too long ago

this was my typical day:

1-I'd wake up late, barely able to get myself out of bed

2-I'd drag myself to work exhausted, dreading the day ahead

3-I lacked patience, and got upset with my daughter over little things

4-I turned down invitations from friends to stay home alone by myself

5-I felt mentally wasted, and my motivation was in the gutter

6-Each morning in the shower, I'd be horrified to see gobs of  hair in my hands

7-I felt frustrated when my weight went up even though I ate less and exercised more

8-I'd get into bed at 11:00 pm, and still be awake at 2:00 a.m..

9-I'd feel hopeful about a possible solution and disappointment when it didn't work out

10-Nothing made me happy

Then I had an AHA MOMENT When I Realized This Wasn't My Fault and There Was a Better Way!

A Way That Actually Works!

Who Am I?

I am just like you

-I spent years sleep-deprived, exhausted and depressed in desperate search of a solution

-I love things that are simple, natural and elegant

-I refused to settle for antiquated and dangerous myths on aging and health

-I decided to buck the status quo along with conventional dead end solutions and forge a new path

-I discovered nature holds the key

-Now I get 8 hours of uninterrupted Beauty Sleep a night, without drugs or supplements, and wake up focused, energized and happy

I use tested methods and get results

By just following the first 3 foundational keys in Elaine's Organic Sleep Method, I've slept over 7 hours straight for a few days now.  It really feels great to get a good night's sleep and know how important it is.

Evet Tarq, Organic Sleeper Evet Tarq, Organic Sleeper

I couldn't sleep. I had no energy or focus and my memory was failing. I felt lost. Elaine's sleep program gave me my life back! With renewed energy and focus I went back to school to pursue my life-long passion of teaching English as a second language. Today, I'm loving my life again!

Janette Simone, Organic Sleeper Janette Simone, Organic Sleeper

In under 2 hours you will learn:

KEY 1:

How to reconnect with the things in nature your body needs for the deep sleep you crave

KEY 2:

How to push your body's Sleep Reset Button so you're energized in the morning and ready for bed at night

KEY 3:

How to choose critical indoor lighting by following my Indoor Lighting Guides for Daytime and Nighttime

KEY 4:

The best times of the day to eat because when you eat matters more than what you eat

KEY 5:

How to test your environment like an expert for hidden electromagnetic hazards that disrupt sleep and health

KEY 6:

What the last 50+ years of medicine got wrong and how you can get it right

KEY 7:

Why most supplements and vitamins are a waste of money

KEY 8:

How to become a Citizen Scientist and why this is key to deep sleep, health and longevity



  • 20+ Video Tutorials covering the science and keys to Organic Sleep
  • Sleep Journal for Tracking Your Progress
  • Step-by-step Documentation for Easy Implementation




As part of our community you get:

  • Your questions answered
  • Private live demonstrations
  • The inspiration and knowledge of others on a similar path as you

Soon to become paid membership

By the time you are done you'll be:

1-On the path to getting 8 hours of Uninterrupted Beauty Sleep a night

2-Waking up in the morning feeling energized and rejuvenated

3-Sharper and more focused

4-More confident in your future

5-Looking more fresh and youthful

6-Regaining your happiness and zest for life

Ready to do this?

Not Ready Yet?

Take a moment to think, really think hard, how much is it costing you every day that you don't take action?

Then compare it to what my Complete Guide to Getting 8 Hours of Beauty Sleep a Night costs

I rest my case and am positive that I will see you as part of the Organic Sleepers Community

Ask yourself . . .

It's time to get the deep sleep you deserve!